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ExpandaBrand knows golf! Not only does everyone here consider themselves to be a tour-caliber player, but we truly know the best way to brand your golf event.

Sponsoring a golf hole to the tune of $5k? Feel a little short-changed with your tiny realtor sign on the tee? Blow things up with ExpandaBrand’s golf range. Use branded Pop Up Folding A-Frames or Ex-Up banners to create that professional tee barrier. Try two Tee Discs as double-sided branded tee markers. Finish it off with a few Flying Banners down by the green and as a way-finder to the next tee. Get some ROI for that $5k! People had better know who paid for that hole and remember it.

Your company golf day is coming up and the President has told you he’d better see things stepped up from last year. He has friends to impress! Brand the range, the carts, the practice green and even the local pro. Brand the hitting bays on the range with our branded Pop Up Folding A-Frames. Set a few down on the range as target practice. Place Wing Banners, Tee Discs and Small Folding A-Frames around the practice green for the official putting contest. Brand the sides of the fairway at the long-drive hole that conjures everyone’s inner Bubba Watson.

Why stop there? Have 250, 300, 350 markers in the fairway! Serve refreshments from strategically placed, branded Ex-Dome Tents for added impact and brand awareness. Finish it all off with branded Pin Flags at every hole and let it be known that you own that course.

This might all sound a bit over-the-top, but remember that ExpandaBrand offers Low Total Cost of Ownership. When you need to switch out the graphics next year, next month or even next week just reuse the hardware and have new skins printed at a considerably reduced cost. We warranty our hardware for two years at a minimum and for a lifetime in many instances and our graphics for six months, making our products a hole-in-one.

ExpandaBrand Products for Golf Day Events

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Why Choose ExpandaBrand?

  • Uncompromised Quality

    We believe our customers deserve 100% satisfaction. That’s why, even at the risk of losing out to budget competitors, we don’t compromise on delivering industry leading, superior quality products our customers can rely on.

  • That Extra Mile

    We know you work hard at building relationships with your clients so we don’t just leave you hanging once you’ve made a purchase. We’re here to offer advice, pay attention to the little things and go the extra mile when you need it most.

  • Custom Innovation

    One size or shape definitely doesn’t fit all and we love it like that. With innovation as part of our DNA, nothing excites us more than crafting stunning, one-of-a-kind portable branding products sure to make your competitors swoon.

  • Creativity

    Not sure what will look best? Our creative and experienced design team is standing by to help you deliver the kind of stand-out, memorable brand experiences you can be proud of.

  • Recycling

    We have a strict recycling program where we recycle all excess fabric cut offs and all waste paper which equates to 10 tons per month.

  • Warranty

    We're so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a lifetime warranty for most of our parts.

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