Ever wonder where old banners go to die? The truth is, most branding equipment retires to a landfill somewhere. At ExpandaBrand, we do everything in our power to limit damage to the environment. This is our Environmental & Social Responsibility Pledge:

    • ExpandaBrand focuses on being environmentally responsible: whether it’s our manufacturing processes, our marketing materials or our recycling initiatives.
    • We enforce strict control of our recycling program for waste paper and fabric.
    • We use recyclable polyester. Once recycled, it can be used to make plastic, concrete and clothing, increasing landfill life and reducing toxic incinerator emissions.
    • All of our un-recycled waste fabric is donated to community development programs in South Africa. The fabric is used to make school bags, raincoats, shopping bags and sports bags. Thousands of these products are donated to underprivileged children every year.
    • Our fiberglass and aluminum hardware is extremely durable and can be reused when you need to update your graphics.
    • All our inks are water-based and non-toxic.
    • We have significantly reduced our own printed paper advertising, doing more via online downloads and digital versions of our product flyers and brochures.
    • Above all, we build our products to last – unlike so many of the products available in the market today.