Expand-A-Brand’s 2022 Essential Tradeshow Checklist

Tradeshows Rebound in 2022

Growth with Tradeshows

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen tradeshows take a back seat to virtual seminars and other online features that took the world by storm during the global pandemic. However, the last few months have marked the return of tradeshows. With thousands of corporate conferences and tradeshows taking place in the coming months, companies must refocus their attention on their branding efforts for in-person events.

Tradeshow Leads Result from Good Event Signage.

Our goal is to make sure you don’t miss a beat during the shift back to tradeshows, so we’ve put together a checklist for all the essential branding items your company will need to thrive at corporate conferences and trade shows.

Products Built to Resolve Common Tradeshow Issues

Quick and Easy Set-Up

All of ExpandaBrand’s products are manufactured and designed for a quick and efficient set-up process, so you can spend more time focusing on person-to-person impressions, and less time setting up tents, banners, and other branding tools. In addition, ExpandaBrand products maximize portability by utilizing lightweight material and providing durable carry bags for each product.

Durable Products.

Expandabrand products are built to last. Our tradeshow essential products are manufactured with fabrics that are water-resistant, fire retardant, and UV protected. Aside from the durable fabrics, the strong, hard-wearing tent and banner frames are designed for longevity and reusability!

Engage an Audience.

A good event set-up displays branding information and relies on the crowd flow that passes by. A great event set-up creates a crowd flow to your display by highlighting your brand in a fun and engaging way. Expandabrand can shift your event set-up from good to great. With blueprints of successful set-ups, and the products that bring them to life, Expandabrand is an all-in-one branding solution for events such as tradeshows, conferences, and other marketing opportunities!

The Basics for Successful Tradeshow Branding

Increasing Traffic to Your Booth

During tradeshows and conferences, companies often rely on large, grandiose branding methods to stand out in a sea of competing entities. Don’t get us wrong, we love inflatables and custom tents, but you can’t forget the basics. These basic elements can quickly boost your company’s professional appeal at events such as tradeshows, conferences, and product demos. Here are some essential branding basics for your next event:

Custom Tablecloths

Custom tablecloths offer companies a simple and affordable way to elevate their branding game for any event. Although often overlooked, custom tablecloths can add a professional feel to your brand!
These tablecloths can be made to fit any table size and come in two different fitting options: Fitted and Loose. In addition, they are machine washable, making them very durable and reusable.

Custom Banner Stands

Custom Banner Stands are arguably the world’s most popular portable branding item. These versatile and cost-effective products allow brands to promote their products and/or services virtually anywhere, and in a matter of seconds.

Branding doesn’t get simpler than this. Our range of practical and easy-to-use Ex-T and Ex-T Lite
Pull-Up Banners are a staple for any event setup. These two options are both ultra-lightweight and have no loose parts. Your brand can make an impression in just mere seconds.

Event Bins

The Event Bin offers a unique means to combine branding and storage. Made of a polyester knit fabric with a fibreglass frame, these bins are built to last and can be installed in just 10 seconds. Get creative with the event bins when showcasing your brand by housing products, samples, or free goodies in the bin. Let’s face it, people love brands that give away free stuff!

Taking your Brand to the Next Level with Custom Tradeshow Pieces

Stand Out at Tradeshows

As previously mentioned, we do love our custom inflatables and branded tents at Expandabrand. While the basics help add a professional appeal to your brand set-up, the following options can add an even more memorable and visually appealing element to your branding efforts.

Custom Event Pop-up Tents for Tradeshows

Custom Event Pop-Up Tents are the ideal outdoor solution to bring attention to your business, campaign, product or specific promotional effort. From advertising pop-up tents to ex-dome tents, or other designs, we offer a variety of custom pop-up tents that create a lasting impression on any crowd. We can even add a customized inflatable to the top of your pop-up tent, which will maximize your brand’s visibility for both indoor and outdoor events.

All Expandabrand custom pop-up tents are manufactured with high-quality fabrics that are water-resistant, fire retardant, and UV protected. These tents include heavy-duty carry bags, ropes, and ground stakes that make installation easy and secure!

Custom Event Inflatables for Tradeshows

Customized event inflatables are a new and innovative approach to branding for events and tradeshows. These inflatables are lightweight and easy to transport and offer a unique, eye-grabbing branding opportunity for companies looking to rise above the competition. From inflatable bottles and cans to inflatable archways, Expandabrand can design virtually any size and shape into a custom inflatable.
In addition, event inflatables can offer more than just an inflatable version of signage. Sports inflatables, such as giant inflatable soccer goals, offer a unique approach to event activation. When a larger footprint is present and available, it can create a lasting memory of your brand… and it will almost guarantee added foot traffic at tradeshows and other events.

Can’t decide what you need? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!