A Quality Partnership

Behind the scenes of any business a lot seems to go on that outsiders don’t know the full reasoning for or why a company made certain decisions. But there is always an underlying influence or reason for it. It is the same as, when I see a couple walking together and I always wonder why they chose each other? What drew them together? There are many influences: common interests, passion, attraction, beliefs, etc. This is the exact reasoning for ExpandaBrand’s partnership with US Youth Soccer.

This particular partnership started 2 years ago and there was of course a major influence behind this decision. Our Sales Manager, Michael Vandura has a great passion for youth soccer, being a player of the sport growing up and understanding the impact it had on him and what it taught him.

Children are the future, and how we cherish and develop them is completely up to us. Physical, mental and emotional growth and development all work together to help our children follow their dreams to the best of their ability. US Youth Soccer has managed to encompass all of this into their organization, creating an environment of fun and fulfilling the children’s passion for sport.

Through Michael’s passion and experience ExpandaBrand officially partnered with US Youth Soccer and are proud to be the official Pop-up Sign supplier for this incredible organization. We were chosen for this partnership simply because of one fact that we are constantly striving towards, and why people use that age old saying, “Cheaper isn’t always better”. We are all about QUALITY!

Michael went to watch the US Youth Soccer National Championship in July and reminisced on his experience of playing soccer:

“I spent most of my youth playing soccer, both spring and fall season, recreation league and on a travel team.  I can remember one of my last season’s playing under 17 with my travel team out of Western NY and us playing in tournaments almost every weekend.  As I was in Frisco earlier this week watching some of the opening games, I thought that we never played in an event this nice and with teams this good.  It was a level of youth soccer I had never seen before and what US Youth Soccer does to create this tournament is first class all of the way.  From the trophy presentation to the branding on field for sponsors it is unbelievable the experience they are creating for these teams that they will remember for years and years.”

US Youth soccer has about 3 million players between the ages 5-19 years which to me is absolutely incredible and just shows the impact this organization is having on our youth! Now, I am not really into history…but something that I find absolutely fascinating is that the oldest trophy in youth sports is owned by US Youth Soccer. The trophy is called “The McGuire Cup” and was made in 1935… How is that for a little bit of Trivial Pursuit knowledge for you?

If you happened to go to the National Championship this year, you would have definitely seen the ExpandaBrand products all over. We were definitely doing what we do best there…making the event unforgettable!