Keep Your Branding Out of the Bunker!

Alright Duffers, are you ready? It’s time to grab your bag rat, rev your engines (electric carts are acceptable,) hit some banana balls, traipse through the cabbage, and beg to Bobby Jones that you find the dance floor before the ice in your cooler melts. THAT’S RIGHT! It’s golf season once again and here at ExpandaBrand we’ve already straightened our visors and hiked our Knickerbockers. We know that golf is the true gentleman’s sport and as such should be treated with respect.

You might be saying, “well shucks, how do we respect the game?” By respecting your branding first, good Sir! Then hitting the driving range because that hook shot is quite embarrassing… Alas, you can work on that later- for now we must discuss how our Flying Banners should be the Big Dog in your bag. Because you know what they say, the only thing worse for a golf course than a gopher is bad branding!

Look, we get it, tournaments are a big deal. Whether it’s a chicken run or the championship course, you need to make eagle. It’s a good thing that you have ExpandaBrand; because being a bunch of Dew Sweepers we designed our Flying Banners with you in mind.  We developed and designed these unique products – also known as a Teardrop Banner. With a large surface area, they can be covered with bright designs that make a strong visual impact for your brand. Whether you place them on the tee box or on the podium stand you’re looking at a lights-out round!


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