Lightweight, Long-Lasting And Unique Giant Inflatables…

ExpandaBrand is constantly looking for NEW Innovative ideas and have now developed unique lightweight giant inflatables that are easy to carry and transport. It comes in a durable bag that has a shoulder strap ensuring that the product is very easy to transport.

The fabric printing of the giant inflatables also utilizes the latest colorfast inks, so Inflatables now are manufactured with bright, bold and eye-catching designs to ensure your brand is clearly visible from far off.

Use ExpandaBrand Giant inflatables to make your brand “larger-than-life” and stand out from the crowd for years to come!

Giant Inflatable Benefits

  • Lightweight – Inflatable cans weigh 5.5kg; 8 times lighter than PVC inflatable cans
  • Advanced technology – Advanced fabric printed technology for eye-catching lifelike branding
  • Long-lasting and durable – Coated fabric for durability (minimal air loss and waterproof)
  • Portable – Portable, light and easy to transport
  • Day or Night – LED lighting available on request for evening events
  • Small Wind Blower – Small wind blower required due to the strong but light fabric (uses less electricity)
  • Easy to use – Responsibly designed and eco-friendly

CLICK HERE to download a PDF catalog or send us an email at [email protected] to request a hard copy.

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  • Fabric: White medium weight
  • Sizes: Standard sizes or can be custom-made to virtually any shape or size
  • Optional LED lighting available for most inflatables
  • Guy ropes and pegs included
  • Carry bag included
  • Outdoor use
  • Air Dancers
  • Soccer Goals
  • Soccer/Hockey/Rugby Fields
  • Inflatable Columns
  • Arches
  • Cans/Bottles
  • Custom product replicas and mascots/interactive inflatables


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