A Windsock is a conical shaped tube of fabric open on both ends, which attaches to a pole with a steel ring.

The fabric tube can be branded with your eye-catching logo, design or marketing message. Windsocks are mounted on the top of a pole and swivel 360 degrees to show the direction of the wind.

Ideal for public and private access areas where wind direction is of importance, Windsocks from ExpandaBrand combines high quality, usefulness and brand building visibility.

Windsock Benefits

  • High Quality – Exclusive treated fabrics
  • Advanced technology – Advanced fabric printing technology and top-quality inks give brilliant colors and graphics
  • Outdoor use – UV resistant
  • Durable – Strong, lightweight fabric minimizes whiplash damage which can be the cause of deterioration
  • Long-lasting – Washable & Colorfast
  • Dual purpose – Gauges wind direction/speed and offers effective branding

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Windsock Specs

  • Fabric: Lightweight
  • Outdoor use
  • Steel ring mechanism with steel mount and stake
  • Steel mount attaches to pole and allows the product to swivel 360 degrees
  • Can be reskinned – use your existing hardware and just change the fabric skin