Advertise your products and brand while providing a comfortable, Fun Environment for customers…

Transform your tavern, pub or bar with ExpandaBrand’s portable branding products that are ideal for any tavern or party location/event. Combining large print areas with innovative designs that provide both advertising and shelter for customers, you will have everything you need to keep the party going until the very end...

The Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Single-Sided Large Flying Banners (1m x 4.6m) with Ground Stakes
  • 2 x Medium Ex-Ups (1.7m x 915mm)
  • 2 x Ex-T Shaped Banner stands (850mm x 2m)
  • 2 x 2m Acacia Flex umbrellas (Stackable Base not included)

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Event Teardrop flags and Flying Banners

Print Options: Single or Double-Sided Fabric: Lightweight (single-sided) and Lightweight...

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Acacia Flex

Print Options: Single or Double-sided Fabric: White Medium Weight Lightweight...

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Retractable Ex-T event Banner Stands

Fabric: Grey Medium Weight Fabric doesn’t curl like cheap pvc...

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Ex-Up Event Banners

Fabric: Stretch Knit or Seamless Block-out Aluminium sliding chassis Fibreglass...

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