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STOP Conforming and try something new

From the beginning of time (or at least the last 10-15 years), brands have chosen the pull-up and roll-up banner as their branding weapons of choice when it comes to events, activations and expos. Its’ simplicity and reliability has become a favourite among anyone investing in branding for their business.

With everyone using pull-up and roll-up banners, it’s kinda lost its’ charm and effectiveness. This could pass as good enough a few years ago but we now live in a society with an ever-decreasing attention span – and studies show that we have around 8 seconds to grab a consumer’s attention before they decide whether they’ll buy into your brand or check out completely.

Is this really good enough for your brand? Why fit in, when your brand is meant to stand out?

At ExpandaBrand, we don’t do average nor do we encourage it. We push the boundaries and challenge Marketing & Brand Managers to stand out from the clutter and experience the magic that is the 360º WondaSign.

Our 360º WondaSigns are pull-up banners on steroids. Allowing your customers to see your brand in 3D and if that wasn’t enough… they can be illuminated from within for that added WOW factor to really make your branding pop.

360º WondaSigns are available in various shapes, sizes and combinations. Utilize a large elliptical and small table for in-store product activations or combine 4 x elliptical, 3 backwalls and a table to create a unique display system for trade shows and exhibitions.