Green “Piece”: Waste vs. Recycling in Today’s Event Industry

I needed new trousers (pants), so I headed out to the nearest rubbish dump (landfill) to see if I could get my hands on a really cool pair. The pickings were slim so I was out there rather longer than expected. Whilst trawling the dunes, I came across piles of discarded branding equipment – realtor boards, shredded fast food banners, vinyl graduation signs, pull-up banners, trade show booth remains and some indiscernible pieces that may have come from Comic Con.

This got me thinking (as unlikely as that seems)…in a country so obsessed with emissions, why are we so quick to throw things away? Presumably someone threw this waste in a skip (dumpster) at the back of the convention hall or outside their neighborhood or office…and no doubt in a location with easy access to back their hybrid right in there.

What if there was a way to salvage branding equipment, recycle printed material and reuse as much of the hardware as possible? Hang on a second, there is!

You can choose a branding partner focused on protecting the environment, offering reusable hardware and recycling or repurposing fabric.

Talk to a member of our ExpandaBrand team about how we can collaborate to eliminate waste (and maybe even cut the time it took for me to find those really cool trousers in half)!