Cheers to Choosing the Right branding

When it comes to our favorite beer, we tend to stick with the tried and tested (unless it’s craft beers).

The same logic applies to breweries when choosing which branded products best work for their events and in-store promotions.

ExpandaBrand’s range of Tents, Ex-Stars, Umbrellas and Banner Flags are perfect for outdoor events in that they offer versatility and functionality. Not only do they give you brand exposure but offer your customers cover from the elements.

WondaSigns are ideal for in-store activations. With their amazing 360 degrees design and internal lighting, your activation is sure to draw attention like that one guy at the bar offering to buy around.

If budget permits, why not try out the “top shelf” stuff? Our amazing Custom Inflatable replicas are sure to excite the crowd like a keg stand and a frat party.


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