We Saved a Superhero Today. What Did You Do?

Recently, we were asked to produce several larger-than-life Ex-T Shape Cut Outs of Superman for the Norton Man of Steel Tour. Just like you, we thought Superman was invincible. However, we quickly discovered that wind is like Kryptonite to our Ex-T Banner Stands. It seems a gust of wind literally swept Superman off his feet. That’s right. Superman actually flew up, up and away – only to suffer a slight injury upon landing.

We received word from the client that Superman was out of action, so faster than a speeding bullet, we rallied our team and made him whole again.

Even though we like to brag that we saved the day, please don’t mistake us for actual superheroes. We just act like them for our customers (some of us have even been known to wear our briefs on the outside from time to time, but that is a story for another time).

We Saved a Superhero