Marty McFly & Time-Traveling DeLorean’s: a look back at the future as envisioned in 1989

Yes, yes…I know. Everyone is posting about Back to the Future Day. However, I’d like to think this post hails from a more personal place. You see, upon realizing that the date Doc Brown so infamously quoted to Marty McFly — a date which, at the time, was so far into the future that it was scripted to be intentionally comedic — had finally arrived, the #EABcrew immediately became a tad nostalgic. My 1989 self once laughed at how absurd October 21, 2015 even sounded. Yet, here we all are — 26 years later. Our 2015 selves are living that date. Right now.

We did a little reminiscing about the “good old days” back in 1989 when the “babies” of our families were not our children…they were US. We were still just kids. We were graduating college, falling in love, seeing the world, joining the military, becoming independent and heading down the paths that would eventually lead us to where we are today. So much has happened in that time, both in our lives and throughout the world, that it is (quite literally) mind-blowing.

It’s actually amazing to look back at how Back to the Future quite literally shaped the way we envisioned a world — 26 years into the future — via movie scenes filled with seemingly far-fetched props and scenarios. Here’s a look at a few of those scenes:

Big Screen TVS and Video Conferencing

As you might recall, there were multiple scenes where characters were watching oversize screens — screens which strongly resemble the big screen TVs we’ve grown so accustomed to today. You will even notice that there were a few scenes where characters are shown talking to their screens. Far fetched nonsense in 1989. However, today we Skype, Face-Time and video conference just as easily at we make telephone calls.

Fashion and Style

Maybe Back to the Future didn’t hit the nail entirely on the head with their futuristic portrayal of what would be considered “trendy,” but their conceptualization of day-to-day athletic wear was fairly spot-on.

Video Glasses

Remember the kids who wore “high-tech” goggles at the dinner table? Do we even need to state the obvious similarities to Google Glass, Oculus Rift and other vision-based head gear that comes complete with internet connectivity capabilities?


Maybe it’s just us, but up until just recently, the technology necessary to bring BTTF’s hoverboard idea to life still seemed a tad futuristic. However, in light of BTTF Day, it seems Lexus has been quietly planning their well-timed response to the hoverboard on which the 2015 Marty McFly hot-dogged in the movie.

And, I have to admit. It. Is. Cool.

Don’t believe us? Check it out for your self: Lexus Hoverboard – It’s Here!

Chicago Cubs

Last, but certainly not least, is the current (and, sadly, uncharacteristic) winning streak the Cubs are experiencing. It’s almost as though it has been…well…scripted.

Notice any other similarities that we might have overlooked? Please do tell. We’re always looking for ways to expand our movie trivia knowledge.

Oh…and there is one last little gem I’d like to share with all of our #EABfans. In the spirit of looking back to 1989, I would like to meet our ExpandaBrand crew as they were back in the late ’80’s. It became painfully apparent that every single one of us truly embraced the ’80’s (…probably a bit more than we should admit!)

1989 and Now - EABcrew

Happy Back to the Future Day, everyone!