Record-breaking brands need Record-breaking Products…

ExpandaBrand Marathon Branding Kits are a professional, easy and inexpensive way to stand out and connect with runners and spectators alike on race-day. Made with premium materials and the latest printing technology, you can re-use and swap-out your banners and branding material as many times as necessary, keeping you in the spotlight for years to come. Combining our best performing portable branding products into an all-in-one solution, the ExpandaBrand Marathon Branding Kit comes with everything you need to make your brand get - and stay - ahead.

The Kit Includes:

  • 2 x Value Folding A-Frames (5'6" x 2'11") with free ground pegs
  • 2 x 11'2" Single-Sided Medium Flying Banners with Ground Stakes
  • 1 x Standard size Fitted Table Cloth or Loose Table Throw
  • 1 x Large Event Bin
  • 1 x Pop up tent (9'10" x 9'10")

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