More Than Just an Outdoor Sporting Event

When planning a sporting event there are a few things that come to mind… atmosphere, spectators, athletes, energy, and a feeling of being a part of something way bigger than just you. Am I right? This is a perfect opportunity to expose your brand in a functional, engaging and fun way.

So first things first… shade & shelter! It is essential for spectators and athletes to feel comfortable and safe from the elements. The best way to do this is with a tent which is ideal for water stations, snack shacks, covered seating, first aid stations, and check-in areas. Factor in any space restrictions and then decide between a classic Pop-Up Tent or the larger Ex-Star Tent (a more open option) with unique designs that are real “eye-grabbers”.

Next, and equally importantly, ensure you incorporate your brand into the sporting event to create a unique and memorable experience. A great way to do this is with Pop Up Signs (with many styles to choose from and their versatility, they make a great investment), Flags (Wing Shaped, Feather and Teardrop banners add design and functionality) and Event Bins (can be used for storing water bottles, promotional items or double as a rubbish bin).

To really create that ‘wow’ factor consider a Giant Inflatable. Your brand is guaranteed to stand out and it will definitely add to the overall experience you are aiming to create! There are so many options … a Giant Arch at the finish line or entrance, a giant version of your logo or product or wherever your imagination takes you … get creative and make your event even more memorable!

The next time you are organizing an outdoor sporting event ask yourself this question: Am I integrating my brand to make the event more engaging, functional, and fun?