You Have Six Seconds to Capture Someone’s Attention at an Event

You have SIX seconds to capture someone’s attention at an event. If you don’t look interesting, your potential customer’s brain (and line-of-sight) will move onto your neighbor…or possibly even your competition.

How do I know it’s only six seconds? Well, last week, I gave an athletic club six minutes and they still failed to get my family into their tent. I attended a charity event at UGA and I saw the logo for the athletic club on multiple event-provided vinyl banners, but still failed to find their location at the event. A friend of mine posted a photo on Facebook of her son alongside the pro-athlete she hired to sign autographs at her tent.  Surprisingly, on this day, their social media marketing actually worked! I immediately got out of line and took my son to get a photo with the same former player. However, I couldn’t see their tent anywhere! In addition, only ¼ of the tents were branded and, on most of those tents, the logos were barely legible.   I stood there with hundreds of families, each of whom paid $75 admission that day, and thought of the famous MasterCard commercial…

– Sponsorship & 10×10 space at one of the largest charity events of the year: $2000

– Hire a former pro-athlete and local hero: $3000

– Unbranded pop-up tent: $400

– 100 branded t-shirt giveaways: $500

– Cost of consumer impressions lost due to lack of proper tent branding: Priceless!

So how many thousands of “six seconds” has your brand lost because of improper activation? How many more will you lose before you call us?

You have 6 seconds