Giant and Custom Inflatables

Giant branded Inflatables offer an almost Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-like allure towards brands, by creating a visually stimulating experience and exciting your senses. Branded Inflatables have become one of the “must haves” for any product launch, activation or outdoor event and it’s not hard to justify their popularity. Their eye-catching one-of-a-kind designs, bring your … Read more

Expandabrand by the Numbers (in 90 seconds or less)!

Got 90 seconds to spare? Then allow us to count the ways ExpandaBrand can Rock Your Brand. 17 years of Innovation — established in 1997 and we’re here to stay. There’s a level of comfort in knowing we will still be here for you years from now. 1 Customer Philosophy that world-class service never sleeps. … Read more

You Have Six Seconds to Capture Someone’s Attention at an Event


You have SIX seconds to capture someone’s attention at an event. If you don’t look interesting, your potential customer’s brain (and line-of-sight) will move onto your neighbor…or possibly even your competition. How do I know it’s only six seconds? Well, last week, I gave an athletic club six minutes and they still failed to get … Read more

A Sign is a Sign is a Sign. Right?


*PLEASE NOTE: None of the examples shown above were produced by ExpandaBrand. However, perfect examples of ExpandaBrand quality are represented below. No comparison. Let’s just be honest. Most banners and other portable signs are generally bought based on price.  However, have you ever stopped to wonder whether or not the quality of your signage actually … Read more

Brands who Believe*