You Have Six Seconds to Capture Someone’s Attention at an Event


You have SIX seconds to capture someone’s attention at an event. If you don’t look interesting, your potential customer’s brain (and line-of-sight) will move onto your neighbor…or possibly even your competition. How do I know it’s only six seconds? Well, last week, I gave an athletic club six minutes and they still failed to get … Read more

Patton’s Meat Market Adds Visual Impact to their Presence at Local Events & Festivals


Since opening it’s doors in 1986, Patton’s Meat Market has made quite a name for itself throughout Atlanta, Georgia. Much of the buzz generated around Patton’s came from word-of-mouth…literally. By grilling and serving up their own meats, seafood and sauces on-site at local festivals, they were easily able to win even more loyal customers. However, … Read more

Experiential Marketing? Huh?


We have learned that there are 35,000+ Google searches monthly asking, “what is experiential marketing?”  It’s hard to believe that such a fast-growing and popular marketing tool is still so widely misunderstood.  Experiential marketing is an important concept for all marketing professionals to understand. We define experiential marketing as “the act of connecting consumers with … Read more

Experiential is Key to Engaging with Hispanic Consumers


Everyone wants a piece of the Hispanic/Latino Market, and it’s easy to see why.  Hispanic purchasing power has increased 45% in the last five years, and has reached $1.38 trillion.  The question, then, is not “why,” but rather “how” to reach this growing base.  The answer?  Experiential Marketing. Too expensive, you say?  Couldn’t I just hire … Read more

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