Everyone Loves Inflatable Signage

Let’s do a test…Try driving for one day and not see some kind of signage for a business or event. It’s everywhere right?

Business’ are using signage as a form of branding all over and on a day-to-day basis we see an overwhelming amount of options that we have to choose from. From flags and feather banners to umbrellas and roll-up banners, there is no shortage of ways to help your business stand out. These incredible marketing tools are right at every business’ fingertips.

But…there is one other marketing tool that stands out from all the others! It is UNIQUE, CUSTOMISABLE and you have to say they can definitely get quite LARGE! Yes, I am talking – of course – about inflatables. They come in all shapes and sizes, and seriously eye-catching, making them great for brand exposure at events of any scale and fun for people attending the event.

The Crowd-Favorite Inflatable Arches

Everyone loves an inflatable arch! They make any event have that memorable welcoming, with your branding on, that makes people want to come see what all the fuss is about. So large in size, the attention that is attracted by these oversized arches is undeniable! Have you ever driven passed an inflatable arch and had no idea what the actual event is but you decide to go check it out anyway or at least tried to look up what it is all about with our good old faithful Google? Sparking curiosity and excitement is its exact purpose!

Custom Inflatables Are the Ultimate Branding Technique

Whether you are hosting an event or running a promotion at your business’s location, custom inflatables can drive home your brand’s messaging or increase awareness of whatever it may be that you are promoting. Let’s be honest, most of us like visuals! We don’t want to have to think when we don’t need to…we have to do enough of that as it is. So why not help customers with this and actually create the visual of your product or promotion. When we see something large, that is colourful and maybe moving, we are automatically drawn to it.

Grab Attention and Interact with Your Customers

The fact is that inflatables tend to grab attention and increase interaction with customers. What is your brand doing to grab that extra attention? Think about it…