The Legendary Flying Banner

The world has been blessed with many legends in our respective lifetimes… Muhammad Ali, Pelé, Martin Luther King Jnr, Steve Jobs and The Beatles to name a few but the branding world has only ever had one legend – The Flying Banner aka Teardrop Banner.

Legendary status is such a bold claim, even with a patent to back it up. So why is the Flying Banner a product that we believe has revolutionised the branding industry? Created in 1997 by a visionaries’ idea to transform the branding industry, it came at a time when no one realised that they needed the Flying Banner. 20 years on… and we’ve sold over 1 million units world-wide. A product so popular, many of our competitors have tried and failed to copy its’ eye-catching design.

But there’s only one original Flying Banner and testament to this, these and many more local and international iconic brands believe they only deserve the best:

Pretty impressive but still not quite legendary… Fair enough but we’ve saved the best for last.

Our Flying Banner has survived a hurricane, the frigid temperatures of the North Pole, blistering heat of the Sahara Dessert and it’s been on top of the world – not Mt. Everest high but still high enough to give you a nose bleed.

Now that’s pretty legendary… You see, we believe in our products. They’re not just pieces of fabric slapped onto some hardware with your branding on it. They’re extensions of not only your brand but our brand as well. We utilise the highest quality fabrics and inks, and invest in industry-leading printers to ensure only the best is good enough for your brand. Check out our brand video to see what goes into making your banner!