The Importance of Color in the Workplace

The importance of color in the workplace, is now something that organizations are embracing for their subsequent benefits and the effects that specific colors have on our moods.

Color is deeply ingrained into our lives (conscious and sub-consciously) and affects how we interact with brands and our environment.

What was once merely a stylistic choice, is now used as a tool to connect not only brands with their customers but now equally as importantly, our employees. With that being said, we cannot rely solely on a coat of paint to reap the benefits that colors have in the workplace… It is a combination of color, lighting and texture. For example: green evokes calmness but instead of painting a room solid green, opt for a serene forest landscape.

CANVEX Customized Wallcanvas is fast becoming a favorite for businesses because of its’ near endless design applications in transforming ordinary workspaces into visually stimulating environments.

CANVEX unlike traditional wallpaper, can be custom-made to any size/shape room – your only limit is your imagination.

Through various studies, we know that certain colors can positively contribute towards happiness, productivity and even physical health but how do you decide which color works best in specific workspaces to get the desired effect? The below illustration will steer you in the right direction…